Baby Point

This is the point we take all the beginners out to teach, here the waves get to 2-3 ft high with a right hand break and shallow sandy bottom.

From July to November are the best times to begin your surfing here.

 Pottuvil Point

From August to November this point has a very long right hand break you can ride this wave into shore with a generous amount of 1000 meters distance to pull some tricks and experience a barrel. We recommend this for experienced surfers but after your weeks lessons you will be prepared enough for this excellent surf.

 Whiskey point

This point is good all year round especially for long boarders and paddle boarders also kite surfers are always out enjoying the windy shores. The waves here get to 3-4 ft high with a distance 200-300m to ride in on.


This is a beautiful spot for those more experienced and wants to get out onto the beaten track. From Arugam bay it is a 40 minute drive by tuk-tuk, it’s a superb way to spend a day travelling and catching waves. On the way you can see temples, rice paddies and stop for a coconut. Here the waves reach 3-4 ft high with a distance of 200-300m with sandy rocky bottom.

 Elephant/crocodile Rock

This is the place to be early morning or late evening as the sun rises and sets it’s a great way to experience surf and be amazed. It is within walking distance from our surf retreat so we enjoy taking beginners here as it also has a good length in the wave to have a bit of fun.

 Peanut farm

This is the spot for beginner to intermediate it’s a clean right hand sandy bottom wave with a size of 3-4 ft high and distance of wave 200-350 m best in July till November.


Great remote spot for advanced surfers having the steep barrel waves and 5-8 ft high. Its half reef and sandy bottom with a distance of 400-600 m from Arugam it’s a one hour scenic drive on the way you can see temples, rice paddies and lots of wildlife.

 Panama Point

Half hour from our retreat for intermediate surfers. Has a sandy and reef bottom with a wave distance of 200-300 m reaching 3-5 ft in wave height.

 Secret surf spot

In front of our surf camp only for skilled surfers sandy bottom the waves are thick hollow and steep must be a strong surfer. Wave distance of 40-60 m and height 5-6 ft all year round.